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Pathways to Hydrogen Fuel

Years ago the DOE estimated that there are at least 140 commercially viable pathways to producing hydrogen fuel. This page lists all the pathways that AHASVC has researched. AHASVC will continue to research and provide detailed information on all these pathways. One of them will suit your individual circumstances best and that is what you should build or buy to make your own supply of hydrogen fuel.

1. Methane reforming- This is the most used in producing hydrogen fuel in volume. The key reason for this                                       large volume is oil refineries that have natural gas as a buy product of the oil refining                                       processes. They use hydrogen fuel in their refining processes to break oil into the                                       preferred fractions which bring the highest price. See details HERE

2. Electrolysis-             Electrolysis requires the input of electricity, ideally from solar panels or wind turbines                                       or moving water turbines. Add water and an electrolyte. Supply 1.5- 1.7 Volts across                                      electrodes separated by a gas proof permeable membrane and vola the water separates                                      into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen gases. Compress and store the hydrogen                                        fuel. See details HERE.


141. Fly ash to hydrogen- A new process has just been developed that can convert fly ash from trash burning                                       into hydrogen fuel