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The EL -5000 Portable Electrolyzer

AHASVC needs donations to purchase a pilot run copy of the EL-5000 portable hydrogen fuel generator (electrolyzer) from the start up company HySolGenics, Inc. This system can be transported to any location required. To operate it we must do five things

1. Lay out and plug in the solar panels

2. Throw the water hose into a tank of water

3. Roll out the Oxygen disperser hose,

4. Hook up a storage tank with a quick disconnect.

5. Go drink beer in the shade until the storage tank is full of hydrogen fuel.

Donate to AHASVC or to a particular project. AHASVC works on developing hydrogen fuel sources and hydrogen fueled devices. But it all takes money. Do you want to help non polluting and non greenhouse gas forming hydrogen fuel become the most available, cheapest and cleanest form of fuel available, then donate to AHASVC and watch the key components of the solar hydrogen energy economy progress!

Hydrogen Fuel Generator- You cannot do much with hydrogen fuel if you do not have access to hydrogen fuel. Right now the only source of hydrogen fuel for the average person is to go to a welding shop and get a large, heavy steel tank of hydrogen gas. Typically you have to lease the tank and pay for the hydrogen fuel. The welding gas company has to ship the tanks back to a central location to have them refilled so you have to pay for that transportation cost also.

There is now a better way to have access to hydrogen fuel!


The Estimated Cost

The estimated cost for a pilot run unit of the EL-5000 Portable Hydrogen Fuel Generator is $10,000.

Seems like a lot but compared to the few other systems on the market, ( ACTA , 1 kW-quote $10,000 EU just for the stack).

All other currently available systems are industrial. (Hydrogenics, Proton Power, Norsk Hydro, and come in hundreds of kilowatts or megawatts.

AHASVC has raised $1,200 so far. If a few hundred people will contribute a few hundred each AHASVC will ba able to acquire one of the pilot production units and be able to demonstrate the making of hydrogen fuel in many venues!