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   TIME: 10 AM to 12 on the Third Saturday of Each Month   LOCATION: The Peninsula Conservation Center ,   3921 East Bayshore Road , Palo Alto , CA 94303 . MEETING IN THE    PERIGRINE ROOM INFORMATION: Call 1-408-245-6056 – John Gotthold, Chapter President and Infomeister or email:,     

AGENDA for  March 16, 2013

NOTES: Carbon dioxide up 2.67 ppm since 2011 to 395 ppm. The world is beginning to cook! H2USA fueling station infrastructure launching soon. VW- 261 mpg. CA carbon market. CC-what insurance?

Greetings and Introductions: Chapter President, John Gotthold, greets all attendees and asks each attendee to state their name and a short synopsis of their background and what they hope to learn by attending the meeting. The video streaming is set up on IWowWe ( 10 min.)

1.           Hydrogen Transport: SA H2 golf cart! Suzuki SMILE FC to produce FCs for transport. VW – 261 mpg super car! Forze- new H2 powered race car. Boeing H2 Phantom Eye flies high! Hyundai ix35 production. Hyundai Mobis- Tier one H2 auto parts. TYRANO FC trucks to Houston. H2 Aston Martin Rapide-Nurburgring! H2 Locomotive-Topeka Kansas. Sydney to London on Elp (End of Life plastic). AHA converting elio motors? First maned mission to Mars? 1,000 km Silex EV. Air Liquide backs north EU H2 network 2014. More H2 trucks for California. BMW- more FC material movers in plants.

2.           Hydrogen Technology:Synthetic iron catalyst for FCs. Liquid catalyst for FCs- many advantages. Micro combined H&P. Plasmonic Solar cell-Golden nanorods. Megawatt battery storage!  Layered oxide hetero structures- efficient super thin solar cells. Piezoelectric solar water splitting. Traveling wave reactor- new atomics. Venturi wind generator. H2 with sunlight and zinc! Cool H2 from methanol DOE FC cost reduction. Navy test of solar hydrogen system. Teenager-compact nuclear reactor!                               

3.           Hydrogen Business:  Intelligent Energy and Suzuki open fuel cell production company (SMILE FC)  in Japan! Ballard ClearGEn bio mass to hydrogen at indian reservation. Tanaka Precious Metals- new plant for fuel cell catalysts. McPhy magnesuim hydrogen storage megawatts to Columbia. ClearEdge buys UTC power! WEH Gmbh- 70 Mpa pistol grip H2 refueling nozzle! Tech review-Sustainability Products.

4.           Government Support to Hydrogen: Power-to-gas- Hannover Messe. DOE-Ernst Moniz. Obama-Green Banks! Currency War! Energy storage – change regulations. 2012 Solar up 138% wind 16.6%, Geothermal up 9.6%, Biomass up 1.6% -Nuclear, coal, oil, decline- Are we finally heading into a sustainable future? Microgrids to $13B by 2018! Crowd funding for clean tech!

5.           Climate change and Oil Depletion: Saudi using most of their oil at home! Drought for spring planting. Alternative energy provides all new electrical capacity in January 2013. Planetary waves slowing due to global warming. Siberian caves indicate big tundra thaw. Vast network of climate denial think tanks! Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies-$620B in 2011. “The only one living to tell”. CC motivated to 16%.

HySolGenics-   EL-5000 – Stack demo!

New AHA web site being developed- review at trial site.   Remote AHA  members attend the meeting through IwoWWe streaming. Instructions at