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   TIME: 10 AM to 12 on the Third Saturday of Each Month   LOCATION: The Peninsula Conservation Center ,   3921 East Bayshore Road , Palo Alto , CA 94303 . MEETING IN THE    PERIGRINE ROOM INFORMATION: Call 1-408-245-6056 – John Gotthold, Chapter President and Infomeister or email:,     

AGENDA for  February 16, 2013

NOTES: National Climate Assesment- human caused warming-10 degrees F by 2050 without curbs on carbon. 70% eff nano antenna solar cells. Horizon FC products in 2013. Climate focus on EU energy budget

Greetings and Introductions: Chapter President, John Gotthold, greets all attendees and asks each attendee to state their name and a short synopsis of their background and what they hope to learn by attending the meeting. The video streaming is set up on IWowWe ( 10 min.)

1.           Hydrogen Transport: Biodiesel-1 billion+ gallons in 2012. Daimler, Ford, Nissan- joint venture for fuel cell drive trains to mass produce by 2017- Four year delay. Crowdfunding for hydrogen cars? UK- integrated hydrogen fueling network-1,150 stations by 2030, 1.5 million FCEVs on British roads by 2030. Toyota & BMW collaboration on FCs.

2.           Hydrogen Technology:  MIT-new cobalt/phosphate catalyst for sun to hydrogen. Italy-nonostructured  cobalt boride. Artificial photosynthesis. Thin film CIGS to 20.4 % eff. Sweden- nanowire solar cells. U at Buffalo- 10 nanometer silicon particles + water=hydrogen (no light, heat or electricity) SLAC- five times better Li-ion cathode with  yolk-shell design.(Nano sulfer nugget surrounded by hard shell of porous titainum dioxide). U Conn- Nano antenna array- 70% eff solar cells.  Teleportation! Sea Urchin carbon capture! Light into tractor beam.  Two kilowatts per cubic meter of bio-waste-U of Oregon. Hydrogen from bio oil. Hydrogen from wet biomass.Electromagnetis Harvester charges batteries with ambient energy.  UNLV- net zero house!                               

3.           Hydrogen Business: Sustainability paying off! H2 markets growing 26% per year. Fuel cells market $900B by 2018, Biogass 33B by 2022. US wind- 13.2 gigawatts added capacity in 2012. LCPV growing. Quantum & Linde- H2 stations. ACTA doubles production capacity for small electrolyzers. 70% of firms fear climate change disruptions. Renewable Energy policy Forum- all trying to steer gov money their way. Wind to hydrogen-Western Australia. Gloucestershire Group-first to convert entire fleet to hydrogen fuel.

4.           Government Support to Hydrogen: Hawaii to exceed 15% by 2015! New solar to grid agreementNorway hydrogen report. Virgina greenest among states. Cost study- renewables out compete fossil.

5.           Climate change and Oil Depletion: 2012-3,527 weather records shattered. Combat climate change? $700,000,000,000 per year. Switch to hydrogen and avoid climate change $35B once!! California reduces CO2 emissions-primarily by more solar and wind for electricity generation. 56 million years ago-Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum- Massive amounts of methane from volcanos- temperatures up 5-8 degrees Celsius. Bye Bye Andean glaciers! Overpopulation is huge concern. Obama wish list on climate change. Climate change is already causing five million deaths a year and costing global economy more than US $1.2Trillion. Biotic pump theory-Forests drive wind and rain! US can meet 2020 17% CO2 reduction goal set by Obama. Half the oil plan! Fracking and horizontal derilling developed in the 80s. Astroid that wiped out the dinosaurs just capped the fact of high volcanic gas emissions.

HySolGenics-   EL-5000 –  PSA working, holds 35 PSI without clamping- all parts constructed-stack being reassembled.

New AHA web site being developed- review at trial site.   

Remote AHA  members attend the meeting through IwoWWe streaming. Instructions at

Plans to add streaming to Phoenix Chapter meetings! (but so far cannot get out on the wifi at Dennys.