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AT LAST! We have been looking for solar hydrogen systems for an independent hydrogen house or business for twenty years and at last we can view an affordable system- thanks to HySolGenics, Inc.

1. The HySolGenics SHES-1250 is the first option. A one kilowatt (199 Amp  12 Volt) system for a solar hydrogen home or cabin that can be found at or at 1kW H2 Energy System

The SHES-1250 a low pressure system with storage in a propane style tank. The tank will store approximately 12 kilowatt-hours of hydrogen fuel at the low pressure of 50 psi (3 Bar). This is sufficient for small installations like remote cabins or back yard patio installations, to run small heaters, barbeques and 10 to 1,000 Watt fuel cells powering electronics and efficient LED lights.

2. The HySolGenics SHES-2500 is a two kilowatt (100 Amp 24 Volt) DC system for a solar hydrogen home or small business that can be found at

HTTP://  or at 2kW H2 Energy System

The SHES-2500 is a low pressure system with storage in one or two propane style tanks. IT will store approximately 24 kilowatt hours of hydrogen fuel at the low pressure of 50 psi (3 Bar). This system is sufficient for a small house or business building where the major use is for lighting and electronics and only occasionally is the hydrogen fuel used for space heat or cooking.

3. The HySolGenics SHES-5000 is a five kilowatt(100 Amp,48 volt DC system) per hour for a full sized house or small business.  The SHES-5000 will produce enough solar and wind electricity and hydrogen fuel to power all your the electronics, lights, and entertainment centers. It will also supply hydrogen fuel for light transportation, cooking and periodic heat. It comes with a control timing system so that you are not in jeopardy of trying to turn on too many high current draw appliances at the same time. This system is powerful enough, if your solar and wind is providing sufficient energy, to charge a fuel cell automobile on a weekly basis.

A solar hydrogen energy system can make your home or business energy independent. This accomplishes two vital things.

1. You no longer have to care what the price of oil or natural gas or propane  rises to as you are making your own energy .

2. Your energy use is no longer a source of the carbon green house emissions  that are beginning to ravage the planet with global warming and climate change.

These are two very important advantages, which will determine the lifestyle of you and your family.


HySolGenics patent pending innovations are included in these systems and all components are made from low cost, recycle-able materials The systems are complete in that only sunlight and water are required to make hydrogen fuel, store it and use it for every powered application in your life.

The first key advantage about the HySolGenics Solar Hydrogen Energy Systems is that they are portable. The system components can be transported by pick up truck, positioned at the use site by a single person and hooked up and started to operate in under twenty minutes. The system components can be easily disassembled for storage or for transport to a new use site.

A second key advantage is that every system has hydrogen PTOs so that smaller portable systems, powered by fuel cells, like lawn mowers, leaf or snow blowers, chain saws, ATVs etc can have their on board hydrogen tanks refilled in a matter of minutes and be ready to run again.

A third key advantage is that the HySolGenics Solar Hydrogen Energy Systems have double natural energy collection, with both solar panels and  wind generators. The wind typically blows most forcefully in the morning and evening and the sun shines best during the day. The combination of wind and solar can allow for natural energy collection for twelve hours per day under optimum conditions.

4. The HySolGenics SHES-10,000 is a ten kilowatt (400 Amp 25 Volt) per hour DC system for a large house or medium business. The SHES-10,000 will provide sufficient solar electricity and hydrogen fuel to power auxiliary water heating   ( assuming that you have solar heating for base heat), cooking, lighting, and provide transport hydrogen fuel to fill a fuel cell car twice a week and fuel several forms of light transportation (ATV’S, fuel cell motorcycles, fuel cell fishing boats etc.

5. The HySolGenics SHES-20,000 is a twenty kilowatts (400 Amps at 50 Volts) per hour hydrogen fuel system. The SHES-20,000 will provide sufficient solar electricity and hydrogen fuel to power an estate or medium business building. With the included storage and compression module it can fill a fuel cell automobile and run a house fuel cell for up to five days of low natural conditions. The SHES-20,000 can also supply hydrogen fuel for cooking, water heating (as a supplement to thermal water heating) and for any lite transportation use, including fuel cell powered ATVs, fishing boats, golf carts, and any fuel cell powered yard appliances.

6. The HySolGenics portable hydrogen refueling station system produces 20 kW of compressed hydrogen fuel per hour from water and solar and wind power electrical inputs. The hydrogen fuel is compressed and stored in 4,500 psi tanks. A hydrogen fueling hose with an automotive style nozzle transfers the hydrogen fuel to any fuel cell automobile or smaller tank in lite transportation vehicles or other uses. The HySolGenics PHRS can generate sufficient hydrogen fuel on a daily basis to fill a fuel cell automobile and have fuel left over for running home fuel cells or hydrogen heating and hydrogen cooking.

Solar & Wind hydrogen system picture schematic

Roof top solar array

Wind turbine

Hydrogen storage tank


Hydrogen heater

Hydrogen stove burner

Fuel cell

LED lights

Water pump

Fuel cell transport




Exhaust is always pure water vapor!