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ACCCE claims EPA miscalculated coal plant closings

Adaptive Materials wins $4.7 million fuel cell contact from Department of Defense

Ahmadinajad Gives Most Detailed Explanation of Twelfth Imam to Date:  Tells U.N.

Leaders Mahdi will “soon” Raign Over World

Air Products’ California Hydrogen Pipeline Powers Toyota

Air Products’ Hydrogen Technology Onstream at Mercedes Alabama Plant

Air Products to Add Tow New Hydrogen fuelling Station in London

Alternative-fuel supporters welcome new state law

An Unbiased Approach to Evaluating Transportation Fuels

Applied Nanotech gets U.S. DOE contract for ultra lightweight hydrogen fuel tanks

A Quick Look at Tesla’s Solar-Powered EV Charging Stations

Ballard Closes Unchanged After Rising on Product Sale

Bhutan Aims to be First 100% Organic Nation

Buttered Popcorn Flavoring Linked to Alzheimer’s

Can cobalt nanoparticles replace platinum in fuel cells?

China: Huge Shale Gas Reserves Will Fuel Future Growth

Clean energy investment down 20 percent in third-quarter: report

Coal power to drive U.S. emissions higher next year: report

Congressional Report: Welfare Spending Soars Under Obama

Creating Drinking Water From Thin Air

Current Topic: The Politics of Energy and the Environment

DFC-H2 Testing

Do Not Buy Solar Panels

Earth’s brief polarity reversal linked to other extreme events

Environmental Chemicals Like BPA May Have Serious Reproductive Effects

Experts: Global Food Prices at Levels That Spark Riots

Fed Backed Into Corner as Interest Rate Increase Would Bankrupt Government

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Connection

FuelCell Energy awarded funds from the Department of Energy

FuelCell Energy to provide designs and components to upcoming fuel cell park

GeS “nanoflowers” could blossom in next-gen solar cells

Global Renewables Investment Sets New Record

GM shifting hydrogen fuel cell research from Rochester, N.Y., to Pontiac

GM Still Aiming For Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales By 2016

HGA to design “Net Zero-plus” desert college campus

Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production by MoSx Grown on Graphene-

Protected 3D Ni Forms


Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai  plan Nordic fuel-cell splurge

Hydrogen energy initiative for tourism sector

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Taxis Drive Olympics VIPs 2500 Miles

Hydrogen fuel cells coming to Canadian Coast Guard ships

Hydrogen fuel test project coming

Hydrogen Fuels Autorickshaws and Dreams of Cleaner Air

Hydrogen powered concept is Nissan’s crossover of the future

Hyrogenics Awarded US$90 Million contract

Hydrogenics $92 Million Fuel-Cell Sale is Largest Order to Date

Hyundai Provides 15 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles to the Municipality of Copenhagen

HYUN MTR GDR REG S : Hyundai Is First to Launch Series Production of Zero-  

Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Ikea to Sell Only LED Lighting By 2016

Immigrant Population at an All-Time High

Insane Technology Watch: Making Petrol From Air

Japan announces abandonment of nuclear power

Lost in migration: Earth’s magnetic field overdue a flip

Making waves: Harnessing the power of ocean energy

More US coal plants to retire due to green rules; study

More VC funding and controversy for fuel cells

NASA precisely measures expansion of the universe

Nation’s largest wind farm gets Interior Department approval

New Chevy Volt app breaks down the cost of charging

New Cobalt-Graphene Catalyst

No risk of oil price collapse despite demand slowdown: Aramco CEO

Nottingham opens first hydrogen filling station

New algorithms could allow lithium-ion batteries to charge twice as fast

OMV AG : OMV opens the first public hydrogen filling station in Austria

Options for energy storage

Organic catalysts may provide boost to hydrogen fuel cells

PG&E researching energy storage for renewables

PEM fuel cell unlocks new process of fuel production

PEM fuel cell used to produce renewable liquid fuel

Quantum’s High Capacity Natural Gas Fuel Tank Featured at the Green Fleet

 Conference and Expo 2012

Reaching the $16.4 Trillion Dept Ceiling Carries Significant Downside Risks

Report: Nuclear Iran Means Double Oil Prices

Rohm hydrogen fuel cells are perfect for emergencies

Romans, Han Dynasty were greenhouse gas emitters: study

Rutgers researchers develop chemistry needed to store renewable energy

SoCal gets biggest digester-gas powered fuel cell in US

Society of Automotive Engineers announces electric car charging plug standard

Solar cell consists of a single molecule

Solar News Weekend Edition: Aia Report: First Solar Enters Nasce…

Take fresh look at hydrogen fuel cell

Toyota Plans Fuel-cell Prius

Treasury Dept. Fingers SolarCity in Exploration of the Dark Underbelly of Solar


U.S. Biomass Has Huge Potential for Renewable Energy

U.S. Department of Defense Spending on Renewable Energy Programs to Accelerate

 Rapidly during the Next Decade

Utech Launches Project to Develop Hydrogen Gas for Cooking

Vestas increases capacity of massive V164 wind turbine

Vision Industries completes sale of 100 hydrogen-powered trucks

Vision teams with Balqon to develop Zero-TT

V3Solar puts a new spin on PV efficiency

Welcome to Pajarito Powder!

Warp drive looks more promising than ever in recent NASA studies

Vision Industries completes sale of 100 hydrogen-powered trucks