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List of subjects mentioned at AHA meeting on April 21, 2012

A Basic – and Slightly Acidic – Solution for Hydrogen Storage

A few observations on the price of oil, one macro, the other micro

After failing to reach goals, California attempts to jump-start its ‘Hydrogen Highway’


Aircraft manufacturers accelerate biofuel commercialization


Apple plans nation’s biggest private fuel cell energy project in N.C.

AppliedSensor Consolidates Hydrogen Gas Sensing Operations in Germany

Arizona’s solar energy plans vex military

As natural gas drops below $2, what does it mean for power?

As the Price of Energy Rises… Government Subsidies Define and Distort Global

   Markets for New Aircraft

Average global food Prices have soared a whopping 37% since last June

Bison Return to Fort Peck: A Special Day, 200 Years in the Making

BP Sees Drop in Greenhouse Emissions, Energy Use

Brazil looks to bolster its hydrogen fuel use, turns to Ballard Power for assistance

Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthesis Could Boost Solar Future

CHBC Spring General Meeting | California Hydrogen Business Council

California hydrogen energy system could make communities independent…

‘Canada’s a bit like the U.S. right now, the narrative’s not there’ |

Cheap Hydrogen Cars In A Decade, Researchers Say by Paul Willis

Cheap Solar Power at Night

Chevron unveils first-of-its-kind smart grid at Santa Rita Jail – Image Gallery

Coal Demand Likely To Be Impacted By Tough New Carbon Emission Limits

Coca-Cola to introduce new energy system to Production in California

Conflict between Al Gore Apple and fuel cells%u2026 really… Army launches new

    Lab to study alt

Connecticut details $1 billion investment in clean energy

Contra Costa Times Your Turn: Hydrogen highway is a long way from reality –


Department of Energy to fund study of hydrogen fuel stations in the U.S.

Direst Solar Hydrogen Production at the “Plataforma Solar de Almeria” (PSA)

Donald Sadowy’s Liquid Batteries

‘Dumb Law’ Blocking Promising New Fuel Source

Drop on demand hurts coal company

Earth Warming Faster Than Expected

Efficiency Programs Spent Well Over $1.1 Billion in 2010 According to ACEEE

Energy Efficiency at Zero Upfront Cost

Energy Use in Manufacturing Down 10% in Four Years

Environmental & energy DATA BOOK

EPA rule could halt new coal plants

EHA in Action

Europe Pledges Hundreds of Millions to Sustainable Energy for All

EU Parliament adopts report on EC proposal for a new Energy Tax Directive

Exclusive: Hyundai Motor Company Clarifies Fuel Cell Car Commercialisation plans

Experts: Avoid Disaster, Overhaul Global Environmental Governance

Feeding the Beast: Why Scaling Up Production Is Hard | Renewable Energy News


FERC to utilities: “Chance or die”

Floating wind turbines to produce low cost renewable energy

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Connection


Fuel Cell news from Microsoft

Electrolysers  and Fuel Cell Commercialisation

Fuel Cell 2000’s Fuel Cell Technology Update

Futuristic biplane design eliminates sonic boom

Genetic genocide: Genetically altered mosquito warriors could wipe out humanity’s

   Biggest killer

GE Pushes GM to Second Place in 2011 U.S. Cleantech Patents

Geothermal Energy Association reports on growth seen in the U.S.

Global Hydrogen Generation Market

Global Warming Close To Becoming Irreversible-Scientists

Global Wind Energy Council releases forecast of the worldwide wind energy market

GM to Replace Volt Charger Cords – Says Problem is Consistency, Not Overheating

GreenCell Inc. launches new stack design for solid oxide fuel cells

Greenland’s ice cover appears to be sliding into the ocean

Heat-trapping atmospheric nitrous oxide traced to fertilizer use

Honda’s FCX Clarity can power a home for 6 days

How much Do Sustainability Consultants Make?

Human behavior, not technology, may be the key to alternative energy

Hydrogenics gets contract to deliver a power module for rail application

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety

Hydrogen economy draws closer

Hydrogen fuel cell funding in Japan tops $240 million

Hydrogen Means Business in California!

Hydrogen station to fuel cars, but sale of byproducts is key

Hydrogen-powered Scan Eagle flies

Hydrogen Storage Could Be Key to Germany’s Energy Plan

Hydrogen that mimics graphene

Hydrogenics Announces Agreement with Enbridge to Develop Utility Scale Energy

    Storage in North America

HyperSolar Annouces Plan for Nanotech-Based Production for Hydrogen and

    Natural Gas

Hyundai to roll out 1,000 hydrogen cars this year

In Post-EV World, Will Hydrogen Rule?

Intelligent Energy Joins British Prime Minister on International Trade Delegation

   To Japan

Is Carbazole the Energy Carrier of the Future

ITM Power Launches Megawatt Scale Electrolyser Plant

ITM Power to Lead Study on Renewable Hydrogen Injection into UK Gas Grid

Kell process could be the key to affordable and efficient hydrogen fuel cells

L.A. Council shines light on solar power

Liquid-like compound could lead to better thermoelectric devices

Marks and Spencer’s Fuel Cell Forklift Trial a Success

Mercedes E Superlight (2015): Merc’s carbonfibre fuel cell exec

Michigan Tech breakthrough could slash R&D Time for hydrogen fuel cells

Minnesota Electricity Could Be 100% Renewable, 100% Local

Mixed Greens: Big wind blowing, offshore and on

Most Respected U.S Companies Revealed

Nanoblades store hydrogen more efficiently than conventional storage methods

New catalyst for safe, reversible hydrogen storage

New production process could cut solar cell costs of production by half

Plastics put solar on the verge, again

The Oil Drum

Phoenix Oil to Demonstrate New Hydrogen Production System to the SABIC Group

   Of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Piezolelectric graphene could have wide-reaching applications

Planet Under Pressure: ‘a Much Hotter Planet’

Platinum today: Fuel Cell Roundup April 2012


   WALLACEero in the Kitchen

Report shows that hydrogen can be safely stored at low pressures


Renewables Expand 27% Since 2008, Now 12% of Domestic Energy Production

Researchers generate liquid fuel using electricity

Researchers may have discovered how memories are encoded in the brain

Rivers flowing into ocean a power source?

The Road to Zero Carbon Transportation

The Role of FUSION

Rotary Club #100 Resolution

Scientists Pin Down Historic Sea Level Rise

SCA Achieves First Zero-Waste-To-Landfill Plant in North America

Seabed turbines will harness tidal power

Self-sustaining solar reactor creates clean hydrogen fuel |

7000 MW of Solar Energy Potential on California Military Bases

Shake it Off: Earth’s Wobble May Have Ended Ice Age

Solar dishes with rare technology to be auctioned

Solar Industry’s Exponential Growth in 2011 Indicates Healthy US PV Market

Solar Installations to Flatline in 2012, Rebound by 2017, Lux Says

Solar panels made three times cheaper and four times more efficient

Solar windows could cut building energy use by half

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Sponsor Profile: U.S. Department of Energy << WHEC 2012

Standard MEA Products Information and Pricing

Study: Lithium-Ion Battery Prices To Drop 1/3 By 2017

Survey: ‘Green guilt’ is on the rise

Sway unveils its sporty tilting three-wheel e-scooter prototype

Tax, Sustainability Department’ Disconnect is ‘A Missed Opportunity’

This is the Way the World Ends

Transparent, flexible memory chips could replace flash

Tropical S.A. and ASPATE team to make eco-friendly homes in Greece

Twin Creeks Technologies – Contact Us

2009 DOE Hydrogen Program

Two-In-One Device Uses Sewage As Fuel To Make Electricity And Clean The Sewage

UCF Scientist Develop High-Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Green Vehicles

UH, Rice compete in Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2012

Unmanned nanomaterial Piranha threatens to redefine naval warfare

U.S. Army launches new laboratory to study alternative energy


Washington Fuel Cell Summit Announced: Dates, Venue, Registration

Wells Fargo makes $2.8 billion in loans for green projects

What Comes After Peak Oil?

Wind power sagging

Wind Tops 10 Percent Share of Electricity in Five States

Worlds Most Efficient Wind Turbine to Make European Debut at 50-Megawatt Fina

   Enerji Project in Turkey

World’s smallest production car gets a new lease on life

World society has become addicted to economic growth.

WSJ: Fed Buying 61 Percent of US Debt

Xtreme Power Guns For Electric Car, Neighborhood Energy Storage Market

Zero Net Energy Buildings Emerging as Market Driver for Solar

SolFocus Snag Mega Concentrating PV Project in Mexico