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Google list for Dec. 2013 Meeting of AHASVC

After Brief Decrease Last Year, Sea Levels Resume Their Steady Rise

After cause for hope, U.S. drought worsens

Air Products to build first renewable hydrogen fuelling station in India and others

A new breed of micro fuel cells

Solar tech revolutionizing sunlight-to-electricity

As nations haggle, global carbon cut targets get impossibly deep

As U.S. hesitates, California pours billions into green energy

Asia Report: China Dominates 2011 Global Wind Installations

At UN Climate Talks, Researchers Insert Facts on How Food is Driven-and is Driven  

by-Climate Change

Australian researchers amplify quantum information using teleportation

Award-winning device harvests energy from railway track vibrations

Ballard Power to develop new energy system for mobile networks

Britain on the ‘Cusp of an Energy Renaissance

Clear Horizon for Mexican Solar  | Renewable Energy World Magazine

Chevrolet releases details on the Spark EV

Climate change predicted to hit poorest hardest

Climate talks buffeted by the force of Superstorm Sandy

Control the Balance of Power

Converting Agreement to Action Key to Doha Climate Talks

Corn-Based Ethanol Costs Chain Restaurants Billions, Says NCC

Drought expands, blankets High Plains

Drought expands in many farm states

Drought expands, concerns mount about wheat and rivers

Europe Changing Fast as Climate Warm

EWP to build its first commercial-scale wave energy harvesting system in China

Experts Agree Global Warming Is Melting the World Rapidly

Expert says swift action needed to calm climate

Extreme weather may imperil infrastructure

Finally, the United States is beginning to take energy efficiency seriously

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Connection

Fuel cell Today fortnightly  analyst view

Fuel Cell 2000’s Fuel Cell Technology  Update – December 2012

FutureE and Acta Sign Supply Agreement  for Jupiter Electrolysers

G20 Fails as Subsidies to Fossil Fuels Hit $523 Billion: GRFA

Global Climate Emissions ‘Gap’ Widens, Rescue Still Possible

Global investors call for action  on serious climate danger

Global Warming Poll: Climate Change A ‘Serious Problem’ To 68% Of Americans

Grant to fund construction  of public hydrogen station

Greenhouse gas volume reached new high in 2011: survey

Happy Holidays from Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association

Hey, Obama: Pilgrims Proved Socialism Doesn’t Work

How Germany Is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Hybrid self-charging power cell by-passes batteries

Hydrogen fuel becoming more popular at sea

Hydrogen fuel cells may benefit through new industry partnership

Hydrogen plant to open in early 2013

Hydrogen production: can cobalt be used t replace platinum?

Hydrogenics Wins Hydrogen Storage System Award for Renewable Electricity linked       to Refueling Facility in Europe

IHT Rendezvous

In Jordan, ‘life off the grid’ now a reality

Intelligent Energy Appoints Paul Heiden as Chairman

International renewables to grow dramatically by 2020

ITM Power Last Few Places Available: Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conf…

ITM Power plc : 3.59 Million Pound Grant  Award for an Advanced Refueling Product

Latham company receives $500,000 grant to develop its hydrogen recycling system

Japanese Government to encourage hydrogen fuelling station growth

Locally designed, low emissions car launched in Qatar

Mercedes to Present SUV Concept at LA Auto Show

MTSU Students to Race Modified Go-Kart Fueled with Hydrogen and More

Nano-sandwich material claimed to boost solar cell efficiency by 175 percent

NASA Tests Liquid Hydrogen/Oxygen Engine For Upcoming Heavy Rocket

New effective proton exchange membranes with sandwich structure – made from  nanofibers

New Climate Model Reveals “Discernible Human Influence”

New Platinum Electroplate Method Could Make Hydrogen Fuel Cell More Affordable

Obama Offers $6 Billion Investment for Clean Energy Infrastructure in Asia-Pacific Report: Fracking Coming to Europe and Obama’s Nuclear Power Plan

Photo Release __ Hydrogenics Announces Opening of UNIDO-ICHET’s Fueling Station in Turkey

Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell generates electricity from living plants

Plant root used to create eco-friendly lithium-ion battery

Plug Power’s 42.5 million DOE award will expedite fuel cell commercialization


Renewable energy 2012: A year of transition

Renewable energy is reliable, new study claims

Report: Policy responsible for declining carbon emissions

Research and Market: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell. Edition No. 2. Sustainable World

Research reveals nanotechnology simplifies hydrogen production for clean energy

Saudi Arabia warns domestic oil use growing at ‘frightening level’

Scientists create flicker-free, shatterproof alternative to fluorescent lights

Scientists create inexpensive new thermoelectric material

Sharp Develops Solar Cell With World’s Highest Conversion Efficiency Of 37.7%

Shell continues to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California

Size matters when reducing NiO nanoparticles

Smart City San Diego launches solar canopy project

Solar needs cost reductions

Solar PV prices falling

Start-up promises affordable, local hydrogen creation

Subject: [SPAM] Report: Canadian Keystone Anxiety & Why Investors should be

The U.S. Won’t Be Energy Independent Even if We Pump More Oil Than Saudi Arabia

Tire Plant Achieves 10.1% Energy Reduction over 3 Years – EM Today Newsletter

Toyota plan to make hydrogen cars in Melbourne, creating hundreds of jobs

Turkey inaugurates first hydrogen fuel station

2012 Breaks Records for Heat, Drought, Weather Extremes

UK energy deal triples renewable subsidy by 2020

US Patent Issued to Aero Vironment on Nov. 13 for “  hydrogen Powered Aircraft”

(California Inventors)

U.S. study quantifies the effects of exercise on life expectancy

VC funding heats up in renewables energy market

Why a potential role for the US as oil production king needs an astertisk

World Bank warns of ‘4-degree’ threshold of global temperature increase