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Hydrogen Cooking

We all  worry about our health and what we eat to some degree but we still cook with electricity or natural gas or barbeque with charcoal or propane. All of these cooking methods add pollution products to our food. You may have developed a great taste for charcoal broiled steaks, just don’t count the hundred plus types of carcinogens that the charcoal has burned into your meat.

There is a pollution free and much more tasty way to cook food. Cook it with hydrogen! Hydrogen can be burned directly with air, resulting in 800 degree Centigrade pure steam, or converted through catalytic burners to steam and radiant heat.

The only detriment to hydrogen cooking is that you have to bring a lot of extra food to cook as everyone will want seconds or thirds. The taste is only that of the natural food and it is exquisite, like nothing you have ever tasted before.

H-ion Solar HyQue    

hydrogen barbeque $600

Survival Unlimited hydrogen burner (currently discontinued)

See photos of hydrogen cooking set up by Douglas Hawley of AHA Phoenix HERE