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One of the greater uses of light transportation is the golf cart. Today many communities are allowing electrically golf carts to use city streets, to eliminate pollution and noise and minimize parking problems. In fact many gated communities are only allowing golf carts to be used on interior streets.

Golf carts come in all sizes and price ranges. Currently literally all are battery or natural gas powered. Once affordable, the addition of a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell will greatly reduce the weight and charging hassle of batteries and provide a pollution free, silent ride for golfing and shopping.

Cruise-Kido golf car

Garia golf car

Hummer golf car

WIO Fuel cell golf car (design)

The expanded version of the Golf car is the NEV (neighborhood electrical vehicle) As communities get more and more concerned with noise and pollution reduction and the environmental impact of local transportation they are changing the rules to allow, even demand NEVS on their city streets for local shopping and sight seeing and municipal employee transport.

Lido Police NEV

Lido NEVs

Currently there are no fuel cell powered NEVS in production, but they were prototyped years ago and current models can be upgraded with fuel cell range extenders easily.