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The key limitation to the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell powered personal automobile transportation is the availability of hydrogen fueling stations. There are currently 215 hydrogen fueling stations around the world.

In the US California and New York are the leading states in providing for the installation of hydrogen fueling stations. California has a development plan to have in place sixty eight stations by 2015. Strategically located in clusters (LA, SF Bay Area, Sacramento) these sixty eight stations will be sufficient to provide hydrogen fuel for the numbers of hydrogen fuel cell autos expected to be sold by 2015, allowing a fuel cell vehicle to drive anywhere in California.

In Europe Germany leads with twenty stations in place and plans to bring the number up to fifty by 2014 and 1,000 by 2016.

Japan is starting to rapidly introduce hydrogen fueling stations with a plan to have 1,000 in place by 2016.

Below are links to the sites that track hydrogen fueling station availabilty and pictures of some of the major stations. Fueling a hydrogen fuel cell automobile will be just like refueling a gasoline powered on and will take no longer. › AFDC › Fuels & Vehicles › Hydrogen

Shell hydrogen fueling station

Hydrogen fueling station Hamberg, Germany

Honda hydrogen fueling station

LAX hydrogen fueling station

By 2016 hydrogen fueling stations will be available across Europe, Japan, the US and Brazil.