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   TIME: 10 AM to 12 on the Third Saturday of Each Month   LOCATION: The Peninsula Conservation Center ,   3921 East Bayshore Road , Palo Alto , CA 94303 . MEETING IN THE    PERIGRINE ROOM INFORMATION: Call 1-408-245-6056 – John Gotthold, Chapter President and Infomeister or email:,     

AGENDA for   DECEMBER 15, 2012

NOTES: Global warming headed for four degrees after DOHA round bust!. ITM Power- low cost membrane! New solar panel record 37.7%.

Greetings and Introductions: Chapter President, John Gotthold, greets all attendees and asks each attendee to state their name and a short synopsis of their background and what they hope to learn by attending the meeting. The video streaming is set up on IwowWe ( 10 min.)

1.           Hydrogen Transport: Spark EV-2013, 80% in 20 minutes. Hydrogen submarine propulsion. Mercedes  SUV concept-fuel cell Earth Beater!. Sailrocket-75 MPH World Speed Sailing Record!  No rare earths in next gen electric vehicle motors. Hydrogen fueling station at Golden Horn (Turkey) Low emissions car in Qatar. Green GT H2 fuel cell in 24 hours of Lemans! New station-New Port Beach. New station -Houston Texas. Toyota- hydrogen cars produced in Melbourne. AeroVironment- “Hydrogen Powered aircraft”-patent

2.           Hydrogen Technology: Gas to hydrogen with plasma. Nano-sandwich-boosts solar cell eff 175%. Platinum electroplate method-lower cost catalyst. Composite proton exchange membrane. Ballard mobile network fc power system. Below one nanometer-35 times H2 evolution increase. Plant-Microbial FC- electricity from living plants. Commercial wave scale energy-China. Cobalt double whammy catalyst! NIO-nano size. ITM Power-grant to develop 10k psi direct electrolyzer. H2 pump-hydrogen recycling! Micro fuel cells. Rehnu-solar to photovoltaic. Alternative to fluorescent lights. 3D blocks of graphene. Self charging power cell bypasses batteries. Fabric covered wind turbine blades.

3.           Hydrogen Business: Renewables electricity capacity now greater than nuclear and oil combined. Solar PV still falling. Hy9 and AltEnergy-partnership. Future E and ACTA-electrolyzers. Plug $2.5m for FC tow tractor. NEL hydrogen-new large electrolyzer. VC funding -up. Air Products-H2 station in India. H2 production Fort Saskatchewan.  Lots of fuel cell business happening.!!! ITM power selling membrane!

4.           Government Support to Hydrogen: Jordon “life off the grid”-reality. German system to get to 100% renewable. California- billions into green energy. Fuel Cells at airports! Small nukes! - Japan-100 hydrogen stations by 2015. UK energy-tripples renewable subsidy by 2020. US-serious about energy efficiency. Middle east to lead in sustainable energy. -Obama-$6B for clean energy infrastructure in Asia-Pacific. Britain-energy renaissance! Policy-reducing carbon emissions. Global investors call for action on serious climate danger.

5.           Climate change and Oil Depletion: DOHA round-no action!!! DROUGHT-over US west, 60% of country. Sea levels steady rise. World now looking at minimum of 4 degrees rise! Extreme weather -distroying infrastructure. Europe changing fast as climate warms. Carbon gap widdens-fix still possible. Greenhouse gases at new high!. Corn based Ethanol cost chain resturants billions! Saudi Arabia- oil use growing at frightening level, Discernable human influence. Superstorm Sandy-Phillippeans-NEXT Carbon cut targets now impossibly deep. Fossil fuel subsidies hit $523 B. 2012- records for HEAT, DROUGHT, Weather Extremes. Food driving climate change. SOM's net zero new york school. Why can't people wake up?

HySolGenics-   EL-5000 – new PSA attempt- M4 hydrogen storage assenbly pictures.

Remote AHA  members attend the meeting through IwoWWe streaming. Instructions