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“HySolGenics’ Hydrogen Fuel System”        

         Solar and Wind, hydrogen fuel production system


As the price of fossil fuels increases because of more difficult to access resources and increasing government efforts to protect the environment, the best way to keep costs down and fuel available is to make it yourself.  With a HySolGenics Hydrogen Fuel System you can make all the fuel you need from the sunlight or wind or water, that is available on your own property.  A 2 kw system will provide power for a remote cabin or camp or a small business building.

Which type of natural energy gathering systems will serve you best is determined by the weather and your location. If you have steady wind then a wind turbine will be the most effective. If you have mostly sunny days then solar panels will serve best.  The best system is usually a combination; solar for the day, wind turbine for morning and evenings.


To get scientific readings for the wind and sun potential for your location the best affordable equipment is the “Power Predictor” system from Horizon Fuel cells.

Horizon “Power Predictor” to analyze and record the sunlight and wind power available at your installation location

             Location Analysis System

             Horizon “ Power Predictor”

Device                                  Designation                                               Cost

Location Analysis System    Horizon “Power Predictor”                        $400


Your system needs to convert bright sunlight or blowing wind into electricity.  The pictures below are conversion systems that have been in production and use for years.

PowerMax  2kW wind turbine

SKU  PowerMax+2KW                                          

Shipping Weight    180.00 lb

Power (W)     2000

Battery Voltage (VDC)   120 VDC

Inverter Output Voltage (VAC)  120 VAC 60HZ

Rotor Diameter (ft.)    10.5

Nominal RPM    400

Blade Material    Fiber Glass

No. of Blades     3

Device                            Designation                            Cost

PowerMax                    2 kW wind turbine                    $2,399

Mast                             2 in X 30 ft                               $1,375

You can also add solar panels to balance the times when the wind is down but the sun is up.

Canadian Solar CS6P-240M 240 Watt Black Solar Panel

Device                             Designation                          Cost

Solar Panels                            Canadian Solar 240            8X256=$2,048


Now you need to convert the naturally generated electricity to hydrogen fuel in an electrolyser system such as the HySolGenics EL2500.

The HySolGenics EL2500 electrolysis system  is a complete system. It houses a water filter set which will deliver only pure dionized water to the electrolyser, from nearly any source, such as a stock pond, lake, stream, river, well or any other source of water. It also houses a four step hydrogen cleaning system so that only clean pure hydrogen is produced for storage.                        

The  HySolGenics EL2500  can handle up to 100 Amps at 25 Volts and consumes 0.3 gallons (1.1 liters) of water per hour to generate 2.5 kilowatt hours of pure hydrogen fuel at up to 60 psi. Maintenance requirement is annual change of the water filters and annual purging of the hydrogen filters.  

NOTE:  It is best to locate the HySolGenics EL2500 near the wind and sun systems to keep the DC electricity  runs short.

Device                            Designation                         Cost

Electrolyzer system     HySolGenics EL-2500               $8,995


The next step is to store the HySolGenics hydrogen fuel so that it is available for a multitude of uses when ever you want it. The lowest cost way to store hydrogen fuel is in propane type steel tanks.

Propane type hydrogen storage tank.

The most common size is 250 gallons

(0.95 meter cubed). In one of these tanks you can store 11.4 kilowatt hours of hydrogen fuel (at 60 psi (4 Bar). The tank should be located in a safe location, away from structures. The hydrogen can then be piped to the house and regulated down to the appropriate pressure for your hydrogen appliances.

Propane style hydrogen fuel storage tank

Device                           Designation                     Cost

Storage tank                       R6-1M                           $800

NOTE: After you have made and stored your hydrogen fuel you need to determine the most fuel efficient way to use it. While the inputs of sunlight or wind and water are essentially free, the system to make and store the hydrogen is not. Using hydrogen fuel as efficiently as possible keeps the required system smaller and lower cost.


The primary function of hydrogen fuel is the storing of solar energy. The fuel cell can convert hydrogen fuel into electricity flow, heat and pure water (H2O)as the exhaust. This system requires a two kilowatt fuel cell.


Device                          Designation                        Cost

2 kW Fuel Cell                 FCS-B2000                         $8,099



5-25C, 100Ah, 3.2V

6.7L * 2.6W * 9.8H in

170 * 66 * 249 mm

6.6 Lbs / 3 Kg

NEB Super Caps

Hybrid Super Capacitor

LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries

Model: neb-100-tall                                                   


Device                          Designation                        Cost

Supercap/Battery            neb-100-tall         $198 X 8   $1,600

{ Turning DC into AC}

Fuel cells produce DC (direct current) electricity. You can set up your system to run everything on DC current, but you probably already have several AC appliances and it would be best to run them on AC current, therefore you require an INVERTER. If you are running computer equipment you will need a pure sinewave inverter to give the cleanest AC power.

     Inverter Store

     2000 Watt pure sine wave inverter


Device                           Designation                            Cost

DC to AC inverter       2000 Watt pure sine wave            $899


The key to efficient solar hydrogen power is to make all uses as efficient as possible. Therefore turning fuel cell produced electricity into light should be done with LED lighting devices that can run directly on the direct current produced by the fuel cell.






LED lighting is rapidly dropping in price and becoming more available, in almost every lighting format and it is six times more efficient than older style lights, with lighting life up to 60,000 hours.

Device                            Designation                          Cost

LED lighting              (depends on use)                       $300


Hydrogen is the most versatile fuel and can be utilized for making all levels of heat, from oxy-hydrogen torches  at 7,000 degrees F to cooking to space heating. Hydrogen fuels singular virtue is that when it is burned with oxygen from the air it becomes 900 degree steam.

Select your hydrogen fueled indoor appliances, for heating and cooking,such as:


Device                              Designation                                               Cost

Greenflame heater              GFH-2000                                              $1,499.95

Hydrogen stove burner        HSB-223                                                 $625

Hydrogen Barbeque            HyQue                                                     $600

{Using hydrogen fuel to power all your other powered devices}

For lighting and emergency hydrogen fuel you should add a portable hydrogen fueled generator. These generators carry a tank of hydrogen fuel, a fuel cell, and an inverter and provide DC or AC current to power any lighting requirement or motive assist, like hand power tools. Some examples of hydrogen fuel fuel cell generators are:

HySolGenics 2 kW Power Pack,

This system can provide up to one kilowatt of AC or DC electricity and can be run directly off of hydrogen from the internal storage tank. The system can be utilized in remote locations to charge battery packs. LED high efficiency lighting should also be part of the system.

Device                                         Designation                                    Cost

Fuel Cell Power pack                   HSG M23-1kW                            $9,700

LED ceiling lights $180




Site Predictor

Analyse site


Wind turbine

Wind to electricity


Wind mast

Support Wind turbine


Solar Panels

Sunshine to electricity



Water & Sunlight to Hydrogen fuel


Storage Tank

Store hydrogen fuel


2 kW Fuel Cell

Hydrogen fuel to electricity


2 kW Battery pack

Energy for surge power


2 kW Inverter

Fuel cell DC to AC


LED lighting

Convert DC Electricity to light


Room heater

Hydrogen fuel to heat


Hydrogen stove burner

Hydrogen fuel to heat for cooking


Hydrogen Barbeque

Hydrogen fuel to heat for cooking


System Total


2 kW system cost

LED lighting panel 12 X 12 in $80

LED light bulb $20

Green Flame hydrogen indoor heater

Hydrogen stove burner

Hydrogen barbeque