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   TIME: 10 AM to 12 on the Third Saturday of Each Month   LOCATION: The Peninsula Conservation Center ,   3921 East Bayshore Road , Palo Alto , CA 94303 . MEETING IN THE   PEREGRINE ROOM INFORMATION: Call 1-408-245-6056 – John Gotthold, Chapter President and Infomeister or email:


NOTES: Liftport to build space elevator on Moon by 2020? UNH HUH! New US auto fuel use  standards- electrics anf FC cars get to count twice. Fuel cell shipments to triple in 2012.

Greetings and Introductions: Chapter President, John Gotthold, greets all attendees and asks each attendee to state their name and a short synopsis of their background and what they hope to learn by attending the meeting. The video streaming is set up on IwowWe ( 10 min.)

1.           Hydrogen Transport: New fuel efficiency Standards for US- Electric and fuel cell cars get to count twice against CAFE. GreenGT H2 24 hrs of Le Mans racer-new Dunlop tires. Test of CONNECTED vehicle tech. Waste from Kitchens and Latrines to Bioenergy reactor- produces biofuel diesel. GM-Hawaii FC push! 75,000 electric drive buses by 2018!  TATA- air run cars. DOE says FC cars making rapid progress! TOYOTA -turns FC buses into mobile diaster power plants! MAZDA-Hydrogen rotary range extender? H2 Mobility-EU H2 road tour in 2012. New Holland NH2 tractor-plowing in Italy!

2.           Hydrogen Technology:biomass plastics-better than oil based! Infinite pipeline. Material thats harder than diamonds! 850C water splitting. Catalyst -cleans emissions without platinum. Cobalt sunlight water splitting system! ACTA-alkaline membrane electrolysers reduce costs 66%. Polymer based solar cells to 9.31%-Phillips. MAGNESUIM-AIR fuel cell! Renewable energy- needs hydrogen storage!! Bio bacteria-fuel from CO2 in the air. Graphene paperpbetter Li-ion batteries. (and fuel cells?) Distortion free flat lens! Molybdenum sidulfide semiconductors- one molecule thick! Chemical photothensis- makes hydrogen and formic acid from CO2. Nanocrystals-generate H2 + electricity! UK-five major FC projects! Woodpulp extract-stronger than Carbon Fiber or Kevlar. Spinich protein-biohybrid solar cells. Better catalysts for H2 production-Caltech!

3.           Hydrogen Business: Worlds largest rooftop wind installation? UC Davis-#1 Green Colleges! Standard Hydrogen-H fuel for New York. Australia and EU link emissions trading systems. More solar projects proposed than places to put them. Wall street Cares if companies are SUSTAINABLE! Building integrated Photovoltaics to $2.4 by 2017. Hydrogen industry surges again! 67% US content in wind turbines! All fuel cells -176 megawatts. Shipments to tripple in 2012.

4.           Government Support to Hydrogen:  New fuel cell tax credit! New Haven Connecticut starts fifth municipal fuel cell. India to repkicate IT Sector Success with SOLAR ENERGY! Will CA meet its RPS? JAPAN- METI -30B Yen for hydrogen supply system for FC cars and hydrogen production initiative!. ARPA-E, ultra low cost hydrogen fuel-research. Hydrogen Education Foundation-student contest.  Smart grid-depends on hydrogen. National CHP target. STUDY-global hydrogen fuel market. EU- hydrogen fuel framework.

5.           Climate change and Oil Depletion:  FRANCE-on way to fossil fuel freedom by 2020. Dam blocked waters release Methane as they decline. US CO2 emissions down in 2011 reach 20 year low-due to use of less coal burning and a lot less natural gas venting from oil fields. West Nile Virus-welcome to tropical diseases! Converting coal plants to biomass. Artic sea ice- record melt! Renewable E 6% of Electricity and 38% of new capacity. Arctic ice melting slows down the northern jet stream causing greater meanders. Free market hypocrisy about renewables.

HySolGenics-   EL-5000, painting completed and final assembly commencing.