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This is a CAD picture of the HySolGenics, Inc. Low cost portable electrolyzer.

Currently under development. Slated for production in 2013

This EL-5000 series electrolyzer is designed to run on sunlight and water and put out pressurized pure hydrogen at 60 PSI. The power input comes from solar arrays or wind turbines or microhydro turbines. The input voltage is 50 Volts DC.

It comes equipped with a water down well pump and filter system so that any water source is useful. It specifically has a chlorine filter to remove chlorine from city or treated water.

It also has a regulator and quick disconnect output hose for connecting directly to burners or fuel cells or to low pressure (60 psi) storage tanks.

The operation is simple.

1. Roll the unit to an advantageous location.

2. Hook up the solar, wind or micro-hydro electrical input.

3. Place the down well pump into a water source.

4. Extend the Oxygen release hose to a distance.

5. Connect the hydrogen output hose to a tank or device.

5. Turn on the “ON” switch and go drink beer in the shade until the hydrogen fuel output is flowing and you can begin productive work. The EL unit will continue to generate hydrogen fuel as long as its power input continues. It is also equipped with an adjustable pressure shut off valve and sensors for safety.

Contact for more information

Link to development progress pictures of HySolGenics, Inc. EL-5000 portable electrolyzer