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Our 20th Anniversary

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association is pleased to announce the celebration of its 20th Anniversary.

Our chapter has been educating the public about the benefits of the solar hydrogen economy since our founding in 1992.

In those twenty years several thousand people have been contacted and seen displays, speeches and educational materials explaining how the solar hydrogen economy can bring “Prosperity without pollution” to these United States and the world.

At today’s meeting we will celebrate with cake and presents for those who can attend and well wishes for those who are streaming in.

A job well done AHAers- The world is finally catching up to us and beginning to understand the benefits of switching to hydrogen as the fuel and energy carrier of the future.

We can only look forward with hope at all the new implementations of hydrogen powered everything and congratulate the automobile companies for their coming introduction of all types of fuel cell vehicles by 2013-2016.

A wonderful exciting hydrogen era is upon us and the future looks bright.

John Gotthold

AHASVC Chapter President