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Donations are always welcome. Everything in hydrogen is expensive as nothing is yet in production quantity.

The greatest volume breakthrough is fuel cells for materials movers (fork lift trucks) of which some 2,000 are operational in the field and in excess of 2,000 more are on order. WHY? Because the operators have found that fuel cell powered forklifts are better than the old battery powered ones and that each unit returns in excess of $200,000 per year to the bottom line in reduced operating costs.

The second major market is for telco backup systems. It turns out that a tank of hydrogen gas and a fuel cell can sit idle and provide instant standby for a longer period a lot better than the older battery powered systems. There are now several thousand telco backup fuel cell systems deployed around the world and many thousands more on order. In the few instances where the grid has failed due to extreme weather the fuel cell telco backups have responded flawlessly. The standby costs have been greatly minimized as the tank of hydrogen gas and fuel cell can stand by for years without many worry about running down or needing maintenance.

The third major market is for UAVs (unmanned arial vehicles) as the light weight and four times longer run time than the old battery systems are extremely valuable for providing longer loiter times and greater range.

So the markets for hydrogen fueled devices are beginning to grow but as yet nothing is on the consumer market.

Prototypes of all kinds of light transportation driven by hydrogen fuel and fuel cells have been developed and tested, even to the point of achieving production type certification in Europe (Suzuki “Bergman” fuel cell motor scooter) but the earliest production is slated for 2015.

Pick out one of our sponsored projects and send a few dollars to help with the development of the EL-5000 electrolyzer, The “Zipper” super light weight car and the “Range extender” portable fuel cell power system.

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