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Hydrogen Culture

For any technology to become widely utilized three things must happen. One, the cost must come down to the mass market level, which historically has been at about the five hundred dollar price point. Two, people must have fun with it and find it useful. Three, it must be celebrated in song, and story and literature and movies. Once these three things begin to occur then mass market adoption is not far behind.

Adoption of various technologies has occurred over history.

The railroad train

The automobile

The washing machine

The telephone

The radio

The record player

The television

The personal computer

The VCR (video cassett recorder)

The cell phone

The internet

Each of these have been adopted and utilized by literally billions of people all over the world. Adoption sometimes takes a generation and sometimes only a decade. The more usefulness and fun that the technology can bring to lives the faster people want it and will go to great lengths to get it.

Song, Story, Literature, Movies and today Apps and the internet. Knowledge of advances is spread over the globe literally at the speed of light and very little can be hidden from view on planet Earth today.

The following pages provide space for the celebration of the pollution free, sustainable, hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen Songs

Hydrogen Stories

Hydrogen Literature

Hydrogen Movies

Hydrogen internet sites

Hydrogen Haiku