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The Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association has five sponsored projects which it follows and will make efforts to demonstrate to the public at sponsored forums. AHASVC seeks to raise donations towards the development and acquisition of these projects and for public demonstrations. Pick out your project and send donations to  HERE

1. The development of a portable, low cost hydrogen electrolyzer by HySolGenics, Inc. There is no hydrogen economy because hydrogen fuel is not available to the general public. If you are a laboratory or a process industry you can get hydrogen fuel generation equipment, but there is nothing available in between liters or tons. HySolGenics units of 5-20 kilowatt hours hydrogen fuel generation per hour will make affordable hydrogen fuel available to the public. Get more details HERE

2. “Zipper” is the name of a unique light weight transportation vehicle which can run on engines or batteries or fuel cells. The “Zipper” will put the fun into the use of hydrogen fuel. Get more details HERE

3. The “Range Extender” also being developed by HySolGenics, Inc. This unit is a portable fuel cell electrical generator which enables a person to convert hydrogen fuel into electrical energy where ever it is needed. It can also be utilized as a portable wall plug for extending the range of electric vehicles, such as the “Zipper”. Get more details HERE

4. Hydrogen Cooking - AHASVC is seeking to make hydrogen cooking a part of its monthly meetings and sponsored events. Hydrogen Barbeques, stove tops and ovens all will be demonstrated when available. Get more details HERE

To meet the needs of society hydrogen fuel must provide for heat, light and power assist and these projects illustrate the possibilities. Follow the advance of these projects on the following Projects pages.

5. Portable hydrogen fueling station. Three main components= 1. EL-5000 electrolyzer +2. 3,600 PSI Storage tanks. +3. High pressure compressor= small trailer mounted hydrogen fueling station. Get more details HERE

Silicon Valley Chapter Sponsored Hydrogen Projects