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Google list for Mar. 2013 Meeting of AHASVC

Aberdeen to boast Europe’s largest hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet

A carbon market takes root in California

Agency bumps up rebate for solar water heaters

Air Products Launches New Microsite for Hydrogen Users

A new hope in energy storage?

Analyst view,  Beyond Electricity: Using Renewables Effectively

Anti-Aging Drug Breakthrough: Can Humans Live to 150?

Bill Gates-backed company looks to turn nuclear waste into power

The BNSF HH 1205, a Hyrogen fuel Cell Locomotive Developed in Topeka, Kansas

Boeing’s hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye goes higher for longer on second flight

Breaking: Air Liquide commits to hydrogen filling in Europe

Climate Heat Now Exeeds Most of Past 11,300 Years

Canada’s Arctic glaciers headed for unstoppable thaw: study

Caribbean Nations Take Control of Their Collective Energy Future

Charleston Company to Acquire Hydrogen-Based Clean Energy Lab

Clean Break Inspires Americans to Pursue “Energy Change”

Cool Way To Make Hydrogen From Methanol

Concern Over Climate Change Grows, Poll Finds

Crowdfunding Coming of age in Cleantech

Department of Energy reverses course, now encourages hydrogen investments with

     H2USA campaign

Despite regulatory impact, US coal industry isn’t dead: DTE

Drive across U.S. to use no gasoline

Drought joins U.S. farmers in the field for spring planting

E2: Clean energy driving economic recovery

EIA’s Year-End Electric Generation Report for 2012 Reveals Solar Growing by   


Environmental Leader Technology Reviews

First Dreambox 3D printer vending machine heads to UC Berkeley

First production hydrogen fuel cell cars hit the market, from Hyundai

Forze team unveils new hydrogen-powered racer

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Connection

Fuel Cell Technologies Office

Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies Topped $620 Billion in 2011              

Global Warming In Alberta Reveals Massive Big Rock Under Melted Ice, Say Friends

     Of Science

Global warming may cause extremes by slowing “planetary waves”

Green Banks: Obama’s Next Move?

Growth of energy storage requires “sea change” of regulations

Harper Government Strengthens the Western Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell


How Much Renewable Energy Does the World Really Need?

How Solar PV is Winning Over CSP

Hydrogen fuel cells highlighted in new auto industry report

Hydrogen Fuel Made with Sunlight and zinc

Hydrogen golf cart put through its paces at UWC as part of HySA initiative

Hydrogen-Powered Aston Martin Rapide To Hit The Track In 2013

Hyd rogen-powered cars to cruise into Amarillo

Hydrogen’s energy promise improves

Hyundai Mobis begins mass production of hydrogen car parts

Icy Siberian caves show tiny warming, may mean big thaw

Innovative “Power-to-gas” concepts at Hannover Messe

Japan Rocks Energy World by Successfully Mining Unconventional

    Natural Gas

Los Angeles school gets a giant solar wall

Los Angeles to Go Coal-Free As It Ramps Up Renewables

Micro combined heat and power unit – the energy source of the future

Navy to field-test hydrogen fuel cell- and solar-powered military renewable

    Energy system

New hydrogen fuel cell catalyst manufacture facility to open in Japan

New Mexico sees slow shift from coal to cleaner power

New Twist to the Renewable PTC Extension: Defining “Under Construction”

No more windmills: Wind catchers use Venturi technique to generate power

The  Only One Living to Tell

OPEC has much to lose if shale development spreads beyond US: Citi, PWC

Pentagon weapons-maker finds method for cheap, clean water

Pioneering space tourist announces plans for first manned mission to Mars

The Premier Event Dedicated to Transformative Energy Solutions

President Obama to Appoint MIT Physicist as New Energy Secretary

“Radically New” Plasmonic Solar Cell Grows From A Forest Of Gold Nanorods

Recycled plastic waste to fuel Sydney to London Cessna flight

Regulation & The Environment: The growing Saudi thirst for crude oil

Report: Most insurers not prepared for climate change


Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks

The Seven Most Alarming Effects of Climate change on North America, 2013 Edition

Silex Power announces 1,000 km-range Chreos high-performance EV

Study Shows Mother Earth Heading Toward Highest Temperatures in Human

     History by End Century

Suzuki finalises small-scale hydrogen fue cell production line

Synthetic molecule first electricity-making catalyst to use iron to split hydrogen gas

Time of essence for Germany’s energy switch: Merkel

Valley air officials give preliminary OK to hydrogen plant emissions

Want a cheap hydrogen fuel cell? Wash out the platinum

WEH GmbH introduces pistol grip for easier hydrogen refuelling

Wind, Solar, Biomass Provide All New US Electrical Generating Capacity in January


With the World Watching, Bernanke Gives a Go-ahead to the Currency War

Your Clothes Are Making Indian Cotton Farmers Commit Suicide

Zero Emissions Hydrogen Car Unveiled For Upcoming Competition

Subject: MSE Colloquium March 8, 2013

TSA will allow small knives on airplanes