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   TIME: 10 AM to 12 on the Third Saturday of Each Month   LOCATION: The Peninsula Conservation Center ,   3921 East Bayshore Road , Palo Alto , CA 94303 . MEETING IN THE   PEREGRINE ROOM INFORMATION: Call 1-408-245-6056 – John Gotthold, Chapter President and Infomeister or email:


NOTES: Consistent high fuel prices-Firms move to green car options. History of Monowheels. Mobile application- random Engineers. US & China solar parity by 2017. Korea to build worlds largest hydrogen powered town. Fuel cell cars in production by 2013!! MEA quote at $1.00/watt.

Greetings and Introductions: Chapter President, John Gotthold, greets all attendees and asks each attendee to state their name and a short synopsis of their background and what they hope to learn by attending the meeting. The video streaming is set up on IwowWe ( 10 min.)

1.           Hydrogen Transport: 100 Tyrano,h2 powered class trucks. Hyundai FC car trial in Scotland-First minister gets it! Linde fueled cars at World Hydrogen Energy Conference. Fuel Cell race cars at 24 hours of Lemans! NEW diesel-like gas engine- fuel economy up 50%. Hollywood hotel-hydrogen makeover. Zeolite h2 storage. PROTON ONSITE with 5,000 psi electrolyser. Methanol fuel cells for mobile applications. H2 tractor.

2.           Hydrogen Technology: Low temperature Geothermal.CO2 +lithium nitride makes carbon nitride and lithium cyanamide-very useful for other industrial purposes and sequesters the Co2 from gas to solid.  STORAGE-hydrogen plus toluene to make a liquid-tranport- then 98% catalyst returns H2. Solar to beat fossil by 2017. Philipeans-coal turned into diesel fuel-very efficiently. Graphene solar cells. Tin whiskers-tripple li-ion battery power? Underwater solar cells! FUTURIST- invention abundance builders

3.           Hydrogen Business:Sustainability critical to business. Major companies supply chains trying to eliminate oil based materials. UTC may sell phosphoric acid fuel cell business. Net metering success in CA. Proctor & Gamble & Wegmans distributing only with fuel cell fork lifts. Clean tech open. ITM Power opening sales offices in Scotland and Germany! Germany- gigawatts of solar being installed! Hydrogen from methanol generator. Half of big corps plan renewables increase. Knoarka- chapter seven. Five states form clean energy leadership. Ex-im bank- $6.8B in five days. H2 FC lighting system. Smart energy revenue-420B by 2015

4.           Government Support to Hydrogen: G-8 to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. Hydrogen and fuel cell safety report-STANDARDS. Japan-easier rules for h2 stations. US ARMY- combat test for hydrogen fuel cells. Claen energy jobs. GERMANY- to fifty percent solar power!! Washington fuel cell summit. Washingto Fuel Cell summit! OREGON-Plan, renewables and Conservation.

5.           Climate change and Oil Depletion: CO2 to 400 ppm in artic!. Pacific ocean is dying? German solar has lowered cost of germany electric power 40%. CO2 emissions hit record (31.6 billion metric tons)- trend in line with six degree C rise by 2050. Brazil EARTH SUMMIT.-last chance. Hydrogen economy or Green economy? How bad will arming be? Un- unsustainable path! Second warmest MAY and spring on record! Price of oil headed down-down-down!

6. AHASVC-  HYDROGEN TODAY- Douglas Hawley and son in bad traffic wreck. Out of hospital and back home.

7. HySolGenics- Progress on balance of plant and product assembly.

Streaming Success: Remote AHA  members attended the meeting through IwoWWe streaming.

1. Review the video web mail being sent out on Thursday to all AHASVC members announcing the Streaming meeting.

3. Wait for the AHASVC MEETING email sent prior to the meeting start at 10 AM on March 17, 2011, which shows you the web meeting link.

4. On the morning of the meeting, 18 FEB, at 10 minutes to ten we will go on line at the Penninsula Conservation Center and make our IwowWe web cam stream available to every one.

5. By clicking on the web conference link you will join the meeting and can instantly b see what our web cam sees and can hear inside the meeting room.

6. You can contact the meeting to make comments about the topics at the meeting by typing in the message box. Our moderator will track the typed comments from the remote attendees, summarize, and pass the summary to the presenter who will pose the question and ask for an answer.

7. The meeting will be conducted in segments, announced in the AGENDA email letter and a few minutes for answers for the remote questions will be available at the end of each segment. Segments will include technology and business updates and a review of a high pressure (10,000 psi) hydrogen regulator.

8. At the end of the meeting, promptly at 12 Noon, we will sign off and close the web cam. Much discussion goes on after the meeting, but you will have to attend in person to participate.

Do you want us to add you to our agenda mailing list? The AHASVC AGENDA comes out the Sunday before and then Thursday right before the meeting to give everyone advance notice. The agenda will help you plan which meeting segments you want to be sure you are available to remotely attend. You can join or drop from the meeting at any time while it is on streaming. Tell your friends- hydrogen fuel is going to to the hot topic as the price of gasoline at the pump keeps rising!

John Gotthold- Chapter President

Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association