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The people of the planet Earth are entering a new era, to be known in history as the “Transition”. This refers to the time in the 21st Century when the worlds endowment of cheap and easy to use fossil fuel, in the form of oil and coal and natural gas, reached its half utilized point and ever after became more expensive. The people who wanted to survive started the transition to utilizing Hydrogen as fuel and kept the remaining fossil fuel as a material utilized only for critical uses, not for burning.


The solar hydrogen economy does not yet exist for a very simple reason, lack of available hydrogen. Over 9,000,000 pounds of hydrogen is produced every year for industrial processes in the  oil, steel, plastic, and edible food oil industries, but only on an industrial scale. Laboratory scale hydrogen (liters) is available in very pure form for operating scientific instruments. Sixty hydrogen refueling stations have been built in the US and Canada, but the great majority of these are captive for transit fleets or inside warehouses for material mover fleets.  A great many scientific efforts to make hydrogen from bio-mass or by splitting hydrogen from water with various catalysts are on going but none are yet in production and when perfected will first be done at utility scale. Essentially there is no hydrogen available for persons to use for homes and small businesses. There is however hope!

Below is the listing for hydrogen fuel power requirements by segment

Hydrogen Powered Lifestyle Summary

Summary                           USE                              Maximum kW                   kW-hr/week

HOME                             Space heat                      20.0 kW                     10 X 7 days= 70.0

                                         Dryer                              13.2                            1 X 7X13.2= 92.4

                                         Stove                              13.2                            1X7X13.2 =  92.4

                                        Oven                                13.2                            1X2 X13.2= 26.4

                                        Small appliances               03.0                             3X1/2X7 =  10.4

                                        Electronics                        01.0                              1X6X7 =    42.0

                                        Lighting   (LED)                 01.0                              1X6X7 =   42.0

Total Home                                                               64.6 kW                       =375.6 kW-hr/wk

TRANSPORTATION ( assume one fill up per week per vehicle)

VEHICLES                          Large car (Chevy VOLT)                                 + 148.20 kW-hr

                                            Small car (Honda FCX)                                    +   71.40 kW-hr

                                            Neighborhood EV                                             +  13.75 kW-hr

Light Vehicles                       Motorcycle                                                        + 31.85 kW-hr

                                             Scooter                                                            + 3.00 kW-hr

                                             Bicycle                                                             + 0.30 kW-hr

Total Transportation                                                                                      +268.5 kW-hr


Yard Appliances                                                                                              + 5.0 kW-hr

Pool or hot tub                                                                                                + 25.2 kW-hr

Total hydrogen powered lifestyle                                                                     = 674.3 kW-hr/wk

Minimal safety margin round up to 700 kW-hr/wk

Hydrogen power will always be expensive and must always be utilized in its most efficient form. The requirements to utilize hydrogen, through catalytic transformation to high temperature steam, for peak heat, from our initial requirements list, are summarized in the following tables.


Space heat                                                                                                       70.0 kw-hr/wk

Hot water (bathing, dish and cloth washing)                                                       92.4

Dryer                                                                                                                92.4

Stove                                                                                                                92.4

Oven                                                                                                                26.4

Total Appliances                                                                                               281.7kW-hr/wk

We will include our vehicles in this list. Hydrogen has to be delivered to them in gas form. The fact that they convert the hydrogen to electricity with their on board fuel cells before they use it doesn’t count against the house requirement.

Total (all)   554.7 kW-hr/wk is most efficiently delivered as hydrogen gas.

The remainder is best currently delivered as electricity. Eventually many small appliances may have fuel cells built into them, but for now its easier to produce electricity with a fuel cell and plug the small devices in to the wall.

Small appliances                                                                               10.4

Electronics                                                                                        42.0

Lighting (fluorescent & LED                                                              42.0

Pool pumps                                                                                       25.2

Total                                                                                               119.6 kW-hr/wk most efficiently                                                                                                         delivered as electricity

We  now have the outline of a Solar Hydrogen Energy System of twenty kilowatts, that can power a home or small business,  vehicles, and all the toys imaginable and have all of them operating at once.The core determination is the cost. Solar Arrays are currently in production and the price is already down to $1.00 per peak watt for utility installations . HySolGenics is developing affordable electrolyzers and the hydrogen appliance developers are looking at re-establishing production. It is a given that fuel cell automobiles will be on the market by 2015, if not before.

We will keep compiling this information until it is possible to buy all of the components required to build your own SOLAR HYDROGEN ENERGY SYSTEM and live an independent life of

                                        “ PROSPERITY WITHOUT POLLUTION”