AHA Mission:

  Develop and prove solar hydrogen technologies that will eliminate economic, environmental and energy problems caused by burning one million years accumulation of fossil fuels every year and

  Educate scientists, entrepreneurs and experimenters, parents and educators, CEO’s, legislators, utilities, the media and farmers how to use solar hydrogen to create sustainable prosperity without pollution.

Enough solar energy strikes the earth in 40 minutes to power the globe for a year.  Yet by continuing to burn fossil fuels for a little convenience, we are sacrificing our economy, our health, environment and security.  As we destroy our topsoil, the best minds in the world are designing the best weapons for destruction.  One out of six people in the world can’t find meaningful, dignified work, but we don’t have enough resources to solve diseases or malnutrition.  Millions of humans are harmed by lack of education, landmines, natural disasters, dispossession, chronic pain, obesity, addiction or incarceration and they are finding no help.  We in the AHA know that the bountiful energy from the sun can provide all the food, materials and clean energy that we’ll ever need.  Energy can be in the form of photovoltaics, heat, wind, waves, biomasses and falling water.  Hydrogen by electrolysis is a good way to store and transport intermittent renewable energy.  Biomasses not used for food can be converted to methane and hydrogen.  The leftovers are an excellent fertilizer.  We can extract carbon from atmospheric CO2 to produce very strong, but lightweight and recyclable goods such as wind turbines, maglev trains, 100 mile per gallon cars, furniture, sporting goods, space vehicles, wheelchairs or cell phones.  

The AHA is developing, improving and teaching solar hydrogen technologies that will provide careers that everyone can be pride of.  We must preserve hard-won human knowledge and skills and hand them down to our children.    

New members receive a FREE copy of The Solar Hydrogen Civilization by Roy McAlister, President of the American Hydrogen Association.  Read why and how to build a clean, safe solar hydrogen economy.

AHA Annual Membership

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The American Hydrogen Association is

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

AHA Projects

AHA National

Energy generators for disaster & refugee locations fueled with biowaste methane.

Weekend hydrogen production & engine conversion classes

Compressor-less electrolyzers

Hydrogen demonstration farm

Hydrogen safety manual

Hydrogen locomotives

World H2 land speed record.

Producing carbon products from CO2

Phoenix Chapter

Produce hydrogen from local landfill gas

Northwest Chapter

Methane Digester

Hydrogen Fuel injectors

Silicon Valley Chapter

Portable electrolyzers

H2 filling stations

Hydrogen barbeques

For Chapter meeting times and locations check out the Chapter section of  the AHA web site at


Benefits of Joining the AHA

 • Work side-by-side with experienced and

    creative people.

  • YOU can directly contribute to technologies                          

   that save lives and relieve human suffering.

 • 10% discount on AHA classes and books

 • AHA library

 • Hydrogen Today, Journal of the American

  Hydrogen Association

 • Learn valuable career skills:

      R.E. Technology- fuel cells, PV, biofuels

      Team leadership

      Teaching & public speaking

      How to conduct meetings

      Organizational finance

      Grant writing

      Occupational safety

      Computer programming & security

      Web design

      Instrumentation & data acquisition

      Video & publication production

      Electronics, machining & welding

Join AHA and learn how to become a vital part of the “Third Industrial Revolution”

Prosperity Without Pollution

    Join teachers, engineers, welders,

   CEO’s,  artists & architects,

    mechanics, librarians, farmers,

   entrepreneurs and backyard

    innovators in the challenge of

    restoring a cleaner, healthier,

   peaceful and sustainable world.  

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