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HySolGenics, Inc low pressure solar hydrogen 1kW solar/wind hydrogen fuel power system.

Canadian Solar    CS6X-305M         305 Watt monocrystaline solar panel $322.77 ea

HySolGenics, Inc. Portable 1.25 kW electrolyzer $4995

Standard propane tank, purged and sealed and filled with 12 kW-hr of hydrogen fuel $800

These four components provide the solar power to free hydrogen in the electrolyzer and store it in the hydrogen fuel tank. The only required inputs to this system are sunlight and water. Once you have your own hydrogen fuel you can use it for heating, cooking, and powering electric (through fuel cells) appliances, telecommunications, lighting and anything else you can think of.

The following images are some of the devices that your hydrogen fuel can support.

HySolGenics, Inc.  500 Watt fuel cell portable power system $4,600

BOC Hymera 150 Watt fuel cell power system $1995

HYQ hydrogen Barbeque by        H-ION solar     $600


by H-ion Solar


GREEN FLAME hydrogen heater $1499.95 from Hydrogenappliances .com


Image 1

Heat & Cooking

Electrical power

MES 1.0 kW power generator $6,350

Three section stove top $800 from


Component                               Function                          Cost

Solar panel                               Produce solar electricity     $323

Wind turbine (300 Watt)             Produce wind electricity     $699

Guyed mast (20 ft)                    Positions turbine for wind   $530

Electrolyzer                               Makes H2 fuel                  $4,995

Storage Tank                            Stores H2 fuel                    $800

Fuel cell (150 Watt)                   H2 to electricity                $1,995

Inverter  (200 Watt)                   DC to AC                          $250                    

Barbeque                                    Hydrogen cooking             $600

                                                                Total           $10,192



FULL 1 kW System

Component                              Function                           Cost

Three Solar panels                Produce solar electricity          $969

Wind turbine (1 kW)             Produce electricity from wind    $800

Guyed Mast (20 ft)               Positions turbine for wind         $530

Electrolyzer                         Make H2 fuel                          $4995

Storage Tank                       Store H2 fuel                         $800

Fuel cell (1 kW)                    H2 to electricity                     $6350

Inverter  (1 kW)                    DC to AC                              $900

H2 Barbeque                        H2 cooking                            $600

H2 stove top                        H2 cooking                            $800

H2 Heater                            home heat                            $1,495

                                                                Total            $18,239                   

These Solar Hydrogen power systems provide perpetual portable energy. Their only required inputs are sunlight and wind and water and they make available sufficient power to run a remote cabin or out building or camping location both day and night. Their operation is clean and silent and once they are removed leave zero pollution behind and produce no greenhouse gases. The system eliminates the hazard of trips for more fuel. The solar hydrogen power system is the future of clean energy and the future of the planet Earth.


Prices and exact components are subject to change without notice until contract is signed. Customer must pay shipping cost to their location. HySolGenics only warranty is that the solar hydrogen system was tested as a system and operated properly before packing for shipment. Prices FOB factory.

Gudcraft 1 kW wind turbine $699