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“The Third Industrial Revolution” is the title of a new book by Jeremy Rifkin. In it he details how his team has developed alternative energy plans for the Cities of San Antonio, Texas, Rome, Italy and even the countries of Spain and Germany.

His vision of the revolution is based on five mutually supporting pillars

1. All energy should come from renewable natural energy, wind, solar,tidal, geothermal,biomass etc.

2. Every building should become a positive power plant, with solar photovoltaic panels on the roof and sides and windows and with wind turbines integrated into the building structure or geothermal heat pumps underneath.

3. Every building must have natural energy storage, flywheels, heat mass, batteries, or most importantly HYDROGEN as that is the only natural energy storage mechanism without limit.

4. All the buildings should be tied together by a smart energy intranet, based on internet technologies, so that they can trade excess energy within the city, the region, the state, the country and even inter-continentally.

5. All transportation must become electric, gasoline hybrid electric, deep hybrid, pure battery electric or fuel cell electric. Once all transport vehicles are electric (260,000,000 of them in the US alone, nearly a billion world wide), there will be more electric power on wheels than in all the fixed power plants in the world. Connected to the intragrid for charging and discharging all the transportation vehicles will act as a great flywheel to smooth out the production and consumption of all the natural energy that the buildings produce.

As these five pillars are interactively developed all the cities will become energy independent and as the cities are tied together by the intranet the world will need less and less of the depleting fossil fuels until by 2050 there will be no need for fossil fuels at all.

The “Third Industrial Revolution” is by far the best concept for riding the world of the consumption of fossil fuels, with their release of Greenhouse gases that are destroying the planet EARTH as a human habitat through vast climate change.

AHASVC will post articles and videos of the technologies to implement the HYDROGEN part of  the TIR as they come available!

“The Third Industrial Revolution”