By video streaming ,up to 50, people can attend the meetings of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association and learn more about the Solar Hydrogen economy and the coming “Third Industrial Revolution”

Follow the Streaming Instructions below to attend the meetings of the Silicon Valley Chapter through internet video, if you cannot attend in person.

Remote Attendees- To attend the AHASVC meeting by web do the following!

1. Review the video email from AHASVC3.

2. Wait for the email invite to the video conference.

3. Copy and Paste the URL from the email to your web browser, hit enter.

4, You will go to the video conference and see the broadcast video from the conference.

5. On Thursday before the meeting we will send out the invitation to the conference with the URL.

6. The morning of the meeting, 18 FEB, at 10 minutes to ten we will go on line at the Penninsula Conservation Center. and make our web cam stream available to every one on the contact list.

7. A few minutes before 10 AM go on line and paste the URL into your browser.

8. You will be able to see what our web cam sees, showing speakers and hardware demonstrations.

9. You can contact us to make comments about the topics at the meeting by typing in the message box. Our moderator will track the typed comments from the remote attendees, summarize, and pass the summary to the presenter who will pose the question and ask for an answer.

10. The meeting will be conducted in segments, announced in the AGENDA email letter and a few minutes for answers for the remote questions will be available at the end of each segment.

11. At the end of the meeting, promptly at 12 Noon, we will sign off and close the web cam. Much discussion goes on after the meeting, but you will have to attend in person to participate.

Do you want us to add you to our agenda mailing list? The AHASVC AGENDA comes out the Sunday before and then Thursday right before the meeting to give everyone advance notice. The agenda will help you plan which meeting segments you want to be sure you are available to remotely attend. You can join or drop from the meeting at any time that is is on streaming.

John Gotthold


Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association

PS: Please bare with us as this is will be our second attempt at streaming the meeting!


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