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Membership in the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association entitles you to get the notices and attend the meetings and learn about all the hydrogen advances and technologies that are going to make the solar hydrogen economy an affordable alternative. Future jobs are going to be based on solar, wind and hydro energy stored as hydrogen. The following explains membership and donations.


Membership in the American Hydrogen Association (AHA) is on an annual basis and costs $39.00 USD per year.  There are many privileges for being a member. They can be reviewed here

Half of the dues of any member who joins or renews through a Chapter of the American Hydrogen association will automatically be rebated to the Chapter.


Donations to AHASVC can be applied to many catagories. Those catagories are:

1.  General membership drive:

AHASVC is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the home of hundreds of thousands of highly educated technological people. However most of them are focused on computer chips, software, the internet, or bio technology. Only a few have the technical focus and capability to help advance the cause of solar hydrogen. This membership drive seeks to find and interest those key persons. The rest will be glad to support hydrogen, when they can buy functional hydrogen products.

2. AHASVC sponsored projects:

AHASVC sponsers several projects, led by AHASVC members. Each project is focused on building technology that produces or uses hydrogen fuel. The objective of the projects is to create practical demonstrations to show the world that hydrogen fuel can power every thing required.

Hydrogen fuel can be used to power internal combustion engines, all types of burners and catalytic converters and most importantly hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen is best made by splitting water into its’ constituent Oxygen and Hydrogen gases. The hydrogen gas can be recombined with Oxygen from the atmosphere in a fuel cell and recombined into pure water again.

The key virtue of hydrogen fuel is that it can be utilized in hydrogen fuel cells at high efficiency. The theoretical efficiency of the Oxygen- Hydrogen combination is  82 %. Fuel cells can be operated at up to 70% efficiency in creating electricity from atmospheric Oxygen and Hydrogen. The fuel cell creates a flow of electricity that can be utilized to power any electrical device. See hoe fuel cells work HERE.

See detailed information on all the AHASVC sponsered projects HERE