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H2 Technical White Papers

The Solar Hydrogen Economy is very simple in concept but is quite varied in technical reality. The hardware to perform all the functions required to run our world on hydrogen fuel is being developed all over the world but very little of it is in production. Therefore AHASVC seeks to fill in the gaps with affordable versions of hydrogen cookers, hydrogen engines, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen power generators, hydrogen fuel cells and everything else that can use hydrogen for its fuel. The following list of Hydrogen Technical White Papers looks at everything about hydrogen.

Index of hydrogen white papers:

( by members of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Hydrogen Association)

1. Hydrogen’s place in the Universe and in all living things. HERE!

2. How to make hydrogen fuel. HERE

3. How to compress hydrogen fuel. HERE

4. How to store hydrogen fuel. HERE

5. How to refuel with hydrogen fuel. HERE

5. How to convert engines to run on hydrogen fuel. HERE

6. How to build hydrogen burners and cook with hydrogen. HERE

7. How to weld with hydrogen fuel. HERE

8. How a PEM fuel cell works. HERE